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2021-22 Bus Routes

Please note that all students should be waiting at the bus stop, ready to board the bus 5 minutes prior to the designated pick up time.  Please note that buses may be running off schedule for a couple of days while they are getting used to the new stops and drops.  Please feel free to call the school, bus company (860) 412-0466 or Central Office (860) 774-9732 if you have questions, concerns or comments. 

Face masks are required on school buses and in schools!

Facemasks - CDC Photo 

Brooklyn Elementary and Brooklyn Middle Schools
Bus 1
Bus 3
Bus 4
Bus 5
Bus 7
Bus 8
Bus 9
Bus 10
Bus 11
Bus 12
Bus 13
Bus 14
Bus 15

***Midday PK Buses

High School Bus Routes
Killingly High School and Killing Vo-ag
Bus 5
Bus 6
 Bus 11
Bus 13

Woodstock Academy
Bus 1
Bus 2
Bus 9
Bus 12

Ellis Technical High School
Bus 7
Bus 8

Bus 14

Request for Bus Change - Policy - PDF

Bus Change Request Form BMS - PDF

Bus Change Request Form BES - PDF