Acceptable Use Policy

Technology and Instruction

Electronic Information Resources (Internet)

In order to provide for the appropriate use of the Internet in keeping with Board of Education policy, the following “Acceptable Use Policy” has been developed.
Acceptable Use Policy
Computers are used to support learning and to enhance instruction. Computer networks allow people to interact with many computers. The Internet allows people to interact with a multitude of networks and computers. All computers having Internet access must be used in a responsible, efficient, ethical and legal manner. Failure to adhere to this “Acceptable Use Policy” will result in the revocation of access privileges.
It is considered a privilege to have Internet accessibility. A responsible user of the Internet may use this service as long as the user is a staff member or student at The Brooklyn School. The hours of use will be 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Staff and students at The Brooklyn School who use the Internet must adhere to the following restrictions:
1. The use of the Internet, as well as all communication technology equipment must be consistent with the educational goals of The Brooklyn School.
2. Because screening software to prevent access to inappropriate materials does not always bar such access, internet privilege will be immediately revoked if inappropriate websites are accessed.
3. Transmission of any material in violation of State or Federal regulations is prohibited. This includes copyrighted material as well as threatening or obscene material.
4. All financial accounts for computerized communication products and services must be approved, in advance, by the Superintendent of Schools.
5. The use of computerized communication products and services is a privilege, not a right. Therefore, inappropriate use will result in the removal of this privilege. Furthermore, violators will be subject to disciplinary action.
6. All staff and students are expected to abide by the generally accepted rules of network etiquette as well as the regulations listed in this policy.6141.321 (b)
Technology and Instruction (cont.)Responsible use of the Internet includes:
1. Research assigned classroom projects;
2. Sending electronic mail to others;
3. Exploring other computer systems.
Unacceptable uses of the Internet will result in the revocation of access privileges.
Unacceptable uses include:
1. Violating the statutes pertaining to student’s rights to privacy;
2. Using profanity, obscenity or other language that may be offensive to other users;
3. Reposing (forwarding) personal communications without the author’s prior consent.
4. Copying commercial software in violation of copyright laws.
5. Using the networks for financial gain, for commercial activity or for any illegal activity.
6. Changing computer files that do not belong to the user.