Homeless Liaison

The Brooklyn Public Schools is committed to providing high quality education to all students, including students who meet the definition of homeless.

Children who meet the Federal definition of "homeless" will be provided a free and appropriate public education in the same manner as all other students of the District and will not be stigmatized or segregated on the basis of their status as homeless.  No homeless student will be denied enrollment based on lack of proof of residency.  No Board policy, administrative guideline, or practice will be interpreted or applied in such a way as to inhibit the enrollment, attendance, or school success of homeless children.  

Homeless students will be provided services comparable to other students in the district in compliance with federal and state law.  

Please contact the Homeless Liaison if you have any questions or concerns:

Patricia Buell
Homeless Liaison

119 Gorman Road
Brooklyn, CT 06234
[email protected]