Technology Vision for Brooklyn Public Schools

     Brooklyn Public School believes that every student must develop strong technological skills and continually use them to survive and thrive in the 21st Century. Literacy in the 21st Century requires more than the ability to read, write and problem-solve. Excellent instruction encompasses the four C’s - 1) Critical thinking & Problem solving, 2) Communication, 3) Collaboration and 4) Creativity & Innovation. Brooklyn Public Schools must ensure that technology resources are integrated across the curriculum in preK-8 and become part of the fabric of instruction. Students must use appropriate technologies to access worldwide resources in order to become more productive learners as part of their regular classroom routine. All members of the school community will use technology to access, interpret, and evaluate information in order to analyze, synthesize, and apply information independently and collaboratively. Brooklyn Public Schools provides an education that is technologically-rich so that our students become college and career ready. This education enables all students to understand and use current and emerging technologies in their personal, academic and work environments.
Brooklyn Public Schools play an essential role in ensuring technological literacy by:

  • Establishing high standards and developing a preK-8 technology plan that is integrated across all content areas and incorporates 21st Century skills and competencies;
  • Creating opportunities for global learning connections;
  • Maintaining policies for ethical and responsible use of technology resources while teaching students ethical and responsible behavior;
  • Providing ongoing professional development that uses technology to support teaching and learning;
  • Maintaining technological literacy of students and educators;
  • Providing equitable access to technological tools provided by the district for all students and educators;
  • Using technology as a tool for communication and collaboration to expand the learning environment within and beyond the community.

Vision Statement - Technology Plan 2015-2018