COVID Resources

Number of Positive COVID Cases Reported to BPS
**Rapid Test Kits are available for pick up in the school nurse's offices**

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Dates # Cases: Students and Staff
8/30/22-9/2/2022 1
9/5/2022-9/9/2022 4
9/12/2022-9/16/2022 3
9/19/2022-9/23/2022 2
9/26/2022-9/30/2022 3
10/3/2022-10/7/2022 4
10/10/2022-10/14/2022 7
10/17/2022-10/21/2022 0
10/24/2022-10/28/22 8
10/31/2022-11/4/2022 9

Updated Continuity of Services Plan

In summary, as of 8/22/22 we will follow these guidelines:

  1. Students and staff should stay home if they feel sick.
  2. Face coverings are encouraged and permitted by anyone who wishes to wear one but is not required.  Staff are not expected to enforce mask wearing.
  3. Masks are required after isolation: days 6-10 when returning to school.
  4. Students and staff are required to follow good hand hygiene by washing or disinfecting hands frequently.
  5. Anyone with symptoms will contact the school nurse and may be asked to wear a mask if they display active symptoms when being assessed by the nurse.  They will be sent home if they have COVID symptoms as determined by the school nurse.
  6. Daily notifications will no longer be made by the school and we will follow the CDC guidelines for case rates.
  7. Students who wear masks all day long may request or be offered a mask break.

  8. If COVID positive, individuals must quarantine 5 days and may return once fever free 24 hours, symptoms are substantially better, and must wear a mask through day 10.
  9. We will maximize airflow by opening windows to increase circulation.  
  10. Staff and students will be permitted to have increased social distancing or other mitigation strategies as necessary