Inclement Weather Announcements

Brooklyn Schools uses SchoolMessenger as a communication tool for emergencies, cancellations/delays, and general announcements. Parents, guardians, and staff members will receive notifications via phone numbers and email addresses that have been provided to Brooklyn Schools. At the beginning of the school year you should have received an email with a link to fill out a school information card for your student(s). The contact information you provide through that link is the information Brooklyn Schools have on record. If you did not fill out the information request this year, the information on record from the previous school year will be used.

At any point, if your contact information changes, please notify the appropriate office (elementary or middle school) of any phone number of email changes. You can email any changes. For  Middle School student information changes contact Mrs. Corvello [email protected]. For Elementary School student information changes contact Mrs. Hardacker [email protected].

You can also access your contact information using the SchoolMessenger mobile app (available on the App Store for iOS devices, or Google Play Store for Android devices), or via the SchoolMessenger website - 

While you can register using the mobile app, it may be easier to register on the web site, and then login in from the mobile app. When registering, you must use an email that the school has on record. 

Through the app or the web site, parents/guardians can specify which phone numbers or email addresses to contact you for a particular type of communication. You can not edit phone numbers or email addresses using the app. All changes must go through the Middle School or Elementary School offices. School hours and non-school hours emergencies include cancellations, delays, early dismissals, as well as any other type of urgent messages; they are not usually actual emergencies. General announcements are typically anything that is not urgent. Surveys are, as the name implies, surveys. We are currently not using the Attendance feature, although the web site may require users to list a contact for Attendance.  We recommend that you check off all of the boxes in school messenger to ensure that you receive all messages (emails and voicemails) that are sent.  If “general” isn’t checked off you will not receive some emails and/or voicemails, PTO flyers, Rec. flyers etc.  

If you need assistance with the mobile app or web site, please contact Mr. Bryant via email [email protected]

A message from the Brooklyn Parks and Recreation about school closures:

Parks and Rec School Closures