Celebrity Scoop at The Icebox 
August 9, 2019

Dear Brooklyn Families, Staff and Community,

Thank you to The Icebox and staff of the Brooklyn Public Schools who raised funds for the Brooklyn Parks and Recreation summer camp!

When the owners of the newly opened Icebox approached the staff of the Brooklyn Public Schools about scooping ice cream there was very positive response!

Principal Graef scooped ice cream for Mrs. Buell
This was my ice cream!  It was awesome!

Mr. Coderre really enjoyed making ice cream! 
Mr. Coderre loved seeing the kids as much as they loved seeing him!  

Mr. March helps students decide what type of ice cream they will have!
Mr. March is always smiling!  He enjoys his job, and scooping ice cream!

Mrs. Therrien and Mrs. Gatlin (and baby) are serving ice cream.
Mrs. Gatlin and Mrs. Therrien are on the job!

A full house at The Ice Box
It was a full house at The Ice Box!  The students, families and staff loved the evening!  The Ice Box donated the tips to the Brooklyn Parks and Recreation to support student camperships!  

It was a great night for a great cause!  Thank you to the many families who supported this event!

Patricia L. Buell

Mission: The Brooklyn Schools will foster a drive for learning within each student to reach his/her greatest potential. To achieve this mission, the school will continually improve its educational programs and services to meet this community's expectations for a quality education for all.  

Posted by patti.buell On 13 August, 2019 at 11:44 AM