Into The Woods BMS Production 
April 23, 2019

Dear Brooklyn Families, Staff and Community,

Finally, I seem to have successfully posted a blog!  I have struggled to get this posted and have made several attempts!  I have created multiple posts and have "lost them".  I created a "little post" and successfully posted it! celebrate the Drama Club!  Sorry it took so long!

On March 23rd and 24th there were over 60 students who participated in the production of Into the Woods, Jr. as part of the Brooklyn Middle School Drama Club!  It was an amazing performance and community event!  Thank you to Mrs. Reading and Mrs. Dehls for their leadership and production of this great play!  Thank you to the many students who worked backstage to make sets, set up scenes and create a wonderful show!  Thank you to those operating the lights and sound, this year the show had new lighting and sound due to the funds raised in previous years!  Thank you also to the wonderful cast of characters!  You were awesome!  Finally, thank you to the staff and parents who fundraised to assist the drama club to create a playbill and offer snacks, raffles and create a great family event!  I was SO PROUD of BMS as I sat in the audience and enjoyed the show!  

There was a wonderful production for our BES students and staff, they enjoyed the show too!  I have heard so many positive comments about the productions by students, staff and community members!  You should be very proud of all that you did, I am!

Thank you Mrs. Landis for the photos and allowing me to share them!
What a great cast and show!  
Great show!  Thank you!
Backstage Crew, many thanks!
Backstage crew, many thanks!
Many smiles and applause!
Many smiles and applause!
I am not sure that slipper fits you!
I am not sure that slipper fits you!
Having fun!
Having fun!
What is really important!
Great message about what is really important!
enjoying the part
Enjoying the part!
Great job!
Great job!
Great acting
Great acting!
Excellent job!
Red Ridinghood
Red Riding Hood
What big teeth you have grandma!
What big teeth you have!
The cow was a hit!
BES loved the cow!
Having fun!
Having fun, and great howl!
Those step sisters played their role well!
Step sisters played their role well!
Great message!
A very nice message in this performance!

Thank you for the wonderful production!  The kids did an amazing job and thank you to the staff, parent volunteers and many family and friends who attended the shows!  We can't wait to see what next year's show will be!  

Patricia L. Buell

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Posted by patti.buell On 23 April, 2019 at 5:50 AM