Patricia L. Buell
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Superintendent of Schools

Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year!

Dear Students, Families, Staff and Community,

Welcome to a new school year!  I am very excited about the year ahead.  After one year serving the school and community as the Superintendent of Schools I am very proud of all of the hard work and successes we experienced last year.  As you know, Brooklyn is steeped in history and tradition.  During the 2017-18 school year we proudly maintained many of the rich traditions and practices.  Our students and families are used to the strong home-school connection and supported the many activities and functions this past year.  In addition, the school staff developed stronger curriculum and professional learning centers that will lead us into the 2018-19 school year with plans for continued collaboration and growth.  

​The 2017-18 District and School Advancement Plans were developed with specific goals and strategies to achieve those goals.  We reported on the progress during the June 2018 Board of Education meeting. The Advancement Plans can be reviewed at:

If you have the chance to review these plans you will see that although we made growth in some areas, there are many areas that need continued growth.  The administrative team has begun working on identifying these areas for growth.  These notes are written in blue and will be incorporated into the 2018-19 Advancement Plans that will be published shortly.

As we wrapped up the 2017-18 school year we said goodbye to many tremendous staff including custodians, paraprofessionals, teachers and administrators.  We wish them well as they enter retirement or enter the next phase of their careers!  Together they served the community of Brooklyn almost 300 years!  They will be missed.  As we begin the 2018-19 school year we have welcomed many excited new employees to fill the roles that were vacated by these staff members. On August 22nd we will be having our annual new teacher orientation meeting!  This meeting will begin with a bus tour or the beautiful community of Brooklyn.  We are starting the morning at locally owned Baker's Dozen at 8:10.  Feel free to stop by and welcome our new teachers to Brooklyn!  We will be a bus touring the highlights of Brooklyn!  I hope you wave if we pass you in our travels.  I would like to thank The Brooklyn Historical Society and Museum for assisting me in gathering great facts and some of the history of Brooklyn!  I had a wonderful visit to the Brooklyn Museum and highly recommend it if you have not been!  
Treasures at the Brooklyn Museum
Town of Brooklyn: Isreal Putnam Statue 
Consider visiting the Brooklyn Museum to learn more about the history of Brooklyn!

The 2018-19 School Year begins for K-8 students on Wednesday, August 29th!  Preschool students have an orientation on Wednesday and their first day of school is on Thursday, August 30th!
The 2018-19 school calendar can be found on the website at: 

Bus Schedules Coming Soon
Bus Schedules will be published by the end of the week, 8/17/18!

I welcome you to a new school year and look forward to the returning students and families!  Welcome all of our new students and families to the Brooklyn Public Schools!  It is a wonderful place to grow and learn.  We have many excited new and returning staff, teachers and administrators!  Please take the time to get to know the staff!  

Please join me in welcoming: 
Mrs. Graef, our new principal at Brooklyn Elementary School We are pleased to have Mr. Weaver return this year as the assistant principal.
Mrs. Tamsin and Mr. Torchia, our new Principal and Assistant Principal at Brooklyn Middle School
We are pleased to have Mrs. Brown serve as our Director of Special Education.  

I would like to invite you to use the Brooklyn Schools App.  You can download it to your mobile devices and view the school events, menus and much more.  
I would also invite you to follow me on the Superintendent's Blog:

I try to share some of the great things happening at the Brooklyn Public Schools on the blog!  Please feel free to share exciting news with the schools or myself so that we can let the community know about the wonderful things happening in Brooklyn!  

As I welcome you to a new school year, I am excited for the new learning this year will bring!  I look forward to sharing many academic, athletic and social successes this year! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like to stop in for a visit! I am open to comments, concerns and compliments!  We work hard and always strive to serve our students, families and community the best we can!  I am honored to serve as the Superintendent of the Brooklyn Public School!

Happy New Year!  


Patricia L. Buell