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     1.   BPS has paused the use of Screen and Stay  12/16/2021 due to the high number of cases.
     2.   Addendum 5 DecisionTree Updated  
     3.   CIAC Updated Winter Sports Mask Memo 12/23/21

Have a happy and safe holiday and we will be available to return calls or emails January 3, 2022!

Please be sure to actively monitor your child's symptoms so that we can keep our schools open and our students and families healthy!  

Letter to families:  12/13/2021

Spanish Letter to families:  12/13/2021

1. Screen and Stay: The state has developed a plan to support fewer students needing to be quarantined due to exposure to a positive COVID case.  This plan is intended for the unvaccinated or partially vaccinated who would have had to quarantine.  "SCREEN and STAY" will be implemented:
     -This is due to limited evidence of in-school transmission of COVID.
     -This applies to in-school settings when students are masked
     -This applies if a student is asymptomatic
     -This applies to students in grades K-8, not PK
     -New strategies can be implemented if COVID numbers remain relatively low
     -This applies to some masked and unmasked activities in/outdoors
     -When students are in the 14 day screen and stay phase, they will not be allowed to participate in music (singing), band (wind instruments) or physical education/sports/extra curricular activities
     -Families and staff who choose to SCREEN and STAY are required to monitor for symptoms and remain home if symptoms develop

This will NOT apply when students are at lunch, having snacks, or are unable to maintain proper masking and distancing
     -This will NOT apply to students who are exposed to a positive case during athletics, events outside of schools such as a party or sleepover, or other before and after school events such as clubs, dances, or weekends
     -This will NOT apply to household contacts
     -THERE MAY BE TIMES THAT STUDENTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO BE QUARANTINED, but we hope that this will keep more students in school!

     -Parents and staff can choose to remain quarantined at home OR choose to complete a form indicating they would like to "Screen and Stay"



     Affirmation of Intent to Comply with Screen and Stay Requirements     

2.  VISITORS TO THE SCHOOLS:   The Brooklyn Public Schools will be having conferences, sports, board meetings and PTO events.  The mask mandate remains in effect at this time in all schools in CT.  We would ask that all visitors continue to wear masks when they are in the building.  

3.  ATHLETICS: Indoor athletics are beginning and students will be following CIAC guidelines regarding the wearing of masks.  If there is an exposure wto a positive COVID case and any student is not vaccinated, they will be required to quarantine.  THIS IS NOT A SITUATION FOR SCREEN AND STAY.

4.  VACCINATION Ages 5-11: We have received notification that the Pfizer vaccine will be offered by Day Kimball Healthcare at Plainfield School System on November 10th from 2:00-5:00 PM at Plainfield High School. 


Comment on the Continuity of Service Plan linked below! 

Brooklyn's Continuity of Services DRAFT Plan for 2021-22 Rev. 8_2021 (2).pdf

COVID Update 7/30/2021
21-22 COVID Updates, 7-30-21 (2).pdf
Translated copy of 21-22 COVID Updates, 7-30-21 (1).pdf

Parent Notice July 2, 2021
Summer Challenges
COVID Vaccinations
Continuity of Services Plan
Summer Academy Start Date 7/6

***Congratulations students, families and staff
for a strong finish!  Great job!***

Please find a copy of
Brooklyn's Continuity of Services Plan
as we plan to return to school for the 2021-2022 school year!


Brooklyn has been following guidance from SDE and CDC.  Some of the guidance is around end of the year activities and how we can finish the year strong!

Interim Considerations for End-of-Year School Events from the State Department of Education 
Summary information: With contagious virus variants still around, we are being urged to take a cautious approach to event planning.  We are committed to the well-being of our students, families and staff so we will follow the guidance: 
1.  We will all continue to wear masks regardless of vaccination status, and offer mask breaks.
2.  We will continue to promote social distancing whenever possible
3.  We will continue to use cohorting and limit activities that put many people together across cohorts.
4.  We ask that anyone with symptoms or who has traveled quarantine.
5.  We continue to promote good hand hygiene.
6.  We will offer outdoor end of the year celebrations whenever possible as this provides the lowest risk to everyone and provides for more social distancing.
7.  Eating and drinking during large events will be limited as much as possible.  If necessary, either individuals will maintain 6' distance or be in cohorts if they need to have their mask off for eating.

 Finish Strong
We will continue to follow all guidance in school until the end of the school year.  Spring sports is being permitted and we are being very careful about trying to keep teams as a cohort.  We know that if there is a positive case on a team, it will be the entire team that will need to quarantine.  We will continue:
1.  To wear masks and provide mask breaks.
2.  We will continue to practice good hand hygiene.
3.  We will maintain 3' distance between students whenever practical. 
4.  We will follow CDC guidelines for contact tracing and quarantine as needed.  
5.  For those families who travel, we will follow the CDC recommendations for students, "Recommendations for Unvaccinated People" when they return to school.  
We are grateful to the Brooklyn Community who has been supportive and followed the guidance of the CDC.  

Please do not hesitate to contact the school nurses if you have any questions regarding symptoms, testing or quarantining. 
BES Nurse:  Amy Barrette  860-774-4618
BMS Nurse: Sherry MacFarland  860-774-1498

Please feel free to reach out to the school or district administration for other questions.  
BES Principal:  Paula Graef  860-774-7577
BMS Principal: Heather Tamsin 860-774-9153
Superintendent:  Patti Buell   860-774-9732

Daily Home Screening for Students
Parents are encouraged to use the Daily Home Screening for Students checklist to determine if your child should stay home due to COVID symptoms.  Even if you are unsure if they have been exposed but demonstrate these symptoms you should keep your child home and contact the school nurse.  

Please call the School Nurses: 
BES nurse’s email  or 860-774-4618. 
BMS nurse’s email or 860-774-1498. 


Connecticut State COVID Information
For the latest information and guidance from Gov. Lamont and our state leaders.

Northeast Department of Health Coronavirus Updates
Several resources and information on the Coronavirus virus.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act - Poster