Announcements/COVID Resources

Fall 2020 - Hybrid Start Documents
2020-2021 School Calendar.pdf
Reopening Letter to Families.pdf
Carta a las familias.pdf
Hybrid Model Notice.pdf


Letter to Parents August 2, 2020
Letter to Families August 2, 2020.pdf
Spanish Letter to Families August 2, 2020.pdf


Covid video pict
Covid Symptoms Announcement
School Nurses

July 2020


Draft - Brooklyn Schools Reopening Plan
July 2020
Draft Brooklyn Schools Reopening Plan


Letter to Parents - June 7, 2020
End of school year
 Letter to parents June 7, 2020.pdf
7 de junio de 2020 Mensaje a las familias.pdf


Parent Conversation about Reopening,
Questions and Answers
May 28, 2020
 Zoom Meeting.pdf

BOE 2020-2021 Budget - 05-26-2020

BOE Budget - One page Summary.pdf
BOE Budget 2020-2021 - Complete Workbook.pdf


Letter to Parents May 11, 2020
End of the Year Activities - Update
Parent Letter.pdf

Letter to Parents May 8, 2020
Concerning Grading and Handbook
Parent Letter.pdf

Brooklyn Distance Learning Handbook
Brooklyn's Distance Learning Handbook.pdf

5/5/2020 Update

COVID-19 Update May 5
Actualización de COVID-19

4/9/2020 Update

COVID-19 Update April 9
Actualización de COVID-19

3/31/2020 Update
Be safe! We miss you all!

COVID-19 Update March 31, 2020.pdf
Actualización de COVID-19 31 de marzo de 2020.pdf

3/20/2020 Update
Chromebook Pick Up.pdf
Recogida de Chromebook para E-Learning

3/19/2020 Update

COVID-19 Update March 19, 2020
Escuelas Públicas de Brooklyn, 19 de marzo

3/12 Parent Notice Distance Learning
Distancia de las Escuelas

Parent Notice COVID-19 Letter to Parents 3_10_2020.pdf
Parent Notice:  Translated copy of Spanish Copy of COVID-19 Letter to Parents 3_10_2020.pdf
 Parent Notice Covid-19 Notice to Parents 3-6-2020.pdf


Proud of our Brooklyn Students!


Revised 2019-20 School Calendar


Brooklyn Calendar 2020-21


Traffic Pattern at Brooklyn Public Schools

Morning and Afternoon Drop Off/Pick Up

Mid-day Preschool Pick Up/Drop Off

I am asking that parents wait until 15 minutes before the scheduled drop off or pick up time before lining up at the school.  We want to be sure our school grounds are safe and that we follow the emissions laws.  Some parents arrive an hour before dismissal time.  This is a long time to have someone outside of the building sitting in a car and a long time for car emissions to be exhausted into the air.  
Please follow the guidelines below.

Morning Drop Off: Line up 8:15, Drop Off 8:30-8:45 
Morning PreK Pick Up: Line up 11:25, Pick Up 11:40-11:50 
Afternoon PreK Drop Off: Line up 12:00, Pick Up 12:15-12:25 
Morning PreK Pick Up:  Line up 11:25, Pick Up 11:40-11:50
Afternoon Pick Up:  Line up 3:00, Pick Up 3:15

Thank you for your cooperation!

                                               Kid Wearing Cap.pngGirl Wearing Polka Dot Dress.png

2020-21 Budget Planning

The budget planning has begun!  Please watch for budget information!

Budget Documents
Please check here for budget documents!

1.  Brooklyn Budget FY 2021.pdf  Presentation by the District Administrators to the Brooklyn Board of Education January 8, 2020
2.  The Brooklyn Public Schools, CT Facebook page has live recordings of the presentations on January 8. 2020.  The first recording is a little garbled at the beginning but does get better after the first few minutes.  
3.  Tonight the Board of Education received the first DRAFT of the Superintendent's Estimate of Expenditures.  There were no decisions made about the budget but the administration was asked to bring a list of cuts to the next meeting based on priorities.  1-29-2020 DRAFT Estimate of Expenditures.pdf  You can review the first draft here.
4.  Questions and Answers document as of 2-3-2020
2020-21 Budget Questions and Answers.pdf
5.  February 29, 2020: Letter about the budget process and next meeting:  Letter to staff and families about the budget process.pdf
6.  March 11, 2020 Budget Documents draft budget 3-11-2020.pdf
7.  Attachments for the budget workshop this evening:
April 8, 2020 Draft Budget Documents
April 8, 2020 Budget Meeting Agenda
Updated Questions and Answers

Budget Questions?  Email me!
If you have questions please use the link above to email them or email 

Budget Questions and Answers:
I will keep a running list of questions and answers!

Question 1.  What happens at a budget workshop?  
Budget workshops are open meetings that anyone can attend.  The public can ask questions for the Board of Education to consider as they determine what their budget priorities are for the next school year!  

Question 2.  What at the dates of the budget workshops?
All Budget Workshop meetings are at the Board of Education Community Room.
Dates are:
January 8, 2020      5:00-7:00 PM
January 29, 2020    6:00-7:00 PM
February 26, 2020   6:00-7:00 PM
March 11, 2020       6:00-7:00 PM 
March 25, 2020       6:00-7:00 . PM

 Once the Board of Education decides on a budget that they will forward to the Board of Finance and the Town for approval they will no longer hold budget workshops.

Please feel free to submit your questions to be answered here!  

School safety is important!  Please help us!

Please remember to bring photo identification to enter the building!

Please read the notice below to learn what we are doing to
keep your children and our students safe!

School Safety Notice (2).pdf
Translated copy of School Safety Notice-Spanish (4).pdf

Thank you for your help!