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There is NO SPECIFIC THREAT to Brooklyn Schools.  We will continue to be on alert.  
Follow up Letter about Threat 
Translated copy of Follow up Letter about Threat 
Thank you Troop D and Trooper Corradi for your presence at Brooklyn Public Schools

COVID Update 11/12/21
Spanish COVID Update 11/12/21

COVID Number Update 10/12/21
Spanish COVID Number Update 10/12/21

Emergency Broadband Benefits for Families
Shared via school messenger 9/26/21

Updated Quarantine Guidance

September 14, 2021

The Connecticut Department of Public Health and Connecticut State Department of Education released an updated version of Addendum 5. You can read the full document that is linked.  Attached is a copy of the updated LLHD decision tree for COVID-19 scenarios in schools based off of this guidance. The decision tree has been reviewed and approved by our medical advisor. Please note that the decision tree is meant as a guide for school administrators and school nurses and will not cover all COVID scenarios, so please refer to Addendum 5.


Update: Brooklyn will follow guidance allowing students to return to school after 7 days of quarantine with a documented negative test result taken no earlier than day 5.  We ask parents to continue to monitor symptoms days 8-14 and if symptoms develop, isolate immediately and contact their health care provider.


Athletics and extracurricular activities:  Individuals directed to self-quarantine are excluded from participation in team athletics or other group extracurricular activities for a full 14 days. This period may be shortened to 10 days with a negative COVID-19 test collected at day 8 of quarantine or later, with continued daily symptom monitoring for days 11-14. If symptoms develop, the individual should self-isolate immediately.


 Brooklyn Public Schools do not accept home tests. Anyone reporting a positive test of any kind will be excluded from school. Students involved in quarantine situations will not be excluded from quarantine unless they had a lab-confirmed positive test in the past 90 days (or are fully vaccinated and remain asymptomatic). Remember that it is not appropriate to go to the emergency room for a COVID test. Testing near Brooklyn can be found on the 211 Website: 

Brooklyn Public Schools Positive Case

September 7, 2021

Connecticut COVID-19 Response

Northeast District Department of Health

COVID Testing Q&ACOVID Testing Locator

Dear Parents, Guardians and Staff,

This letter is to inform you that we have a laboratory-confirmed positive COVID “case” at Brooklyn Elementary School.  Due to the new guidelines, we do not need to quarantine the entire class or the entire bus.  We are quarantining classmates who are “contacts”, individuals who were within three feet of the positive case in the classroom for more than 15 minutes.  We will quarantine students on the bus who are within six feet for more than 15 minutes.  These guidelines apply even when wearing a mask.  We currently have a handful of students in the class and on the bus who need to be quarantined.   **Parents of these children have already been contacted by the school nurse to explain the quarantine expectations.

Individuals who have come in close contact with the positive individual could have been potentially exposed on September 1, 2021 and will need to remain quarantined until 10 days after last exposure. (September 1+10 days= September 11). Individuals in quarantine are able to return to school September 13, 2021. If your child is a "contact" you will receive a call from the school nurse directly.

This year we do not have distance learning teachers and we will rely on students and families accessing work through various portals at both BES and BMS.  If you have questions about the work, please contact the classroom teacher by email.  If you have any difficulty, please contact the school administrator to assist you.  

School Nurses:  COVID-19 testing is recommended approximately 5 days after last exposure. If your child goes for testing or develops symptoms during their quarantine, please contact your school nurse to notify them of this information.  BES nurse’s email  or 860-774-4618.  BMS nurse’s email or 860-774-1498.  The school nurses and administrators remain current on the latest guidance and can respond to questions related to contact tracing and quarantining.

Thank you for your continued support to keep students in school for in-person learning.  We need your ongoing support to monitor students at home before sending them to school and keeping them home if they have symptoms.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school nurse.  


Patricia L. Buell


Brooklyn Hybrid Open House Plans

September 6, 2021
Dear Parents,  

I hope that you are well and enjoying a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  We have had a great start to the school year.  It is wonderful to have the students back to school!

Next week we are planning our Open House events for families.  We have decided to create a hybrid Open House opportunity.  We will meet with families outside so no need to wear a mask but you are welcome to do so if you wish.  It will also provide the opportunity to create more space and have the benefit of being outside which is helpful for reduced virus transmission.  Each teacher or team of teachers will record a short welcome video to show you their classroom and some of the unique features of their classrooms.  The purpose of open house is to meet your child’s teachers and see their classrooms and this will meet that objective in person and for those who are unable to attend, they will be able to still virtually meet the teacher and see the room.

Open House Dates and PTO Back to School BBQ

Brooklyn Middle School, Wednesday, September 8th 4:30-5:30 PM


Brooklyn Elementary School, Thursday, September 9th 6:00-7:00 PM


The PTO Welcome Back BBQ is on Thursday, September 9th from 5:00-6:00 PM

The PTO will be selling Brooklyn Spirit Wear and typically special treats like cotton candy but will be serving supper at no cost.  Children enjoy this time to play outside and visit with their friends.  

As we continue to be aware of COVID virus, please be aware of the people you and your family spend time with in the event that someone should test positive for COVID.  We know that the Delta variant is highly contagious and now there is another new variant.  We currently have two school-aged children who have tested positive.  There was no need to quarantine as these students did not come to school.  I just want you to be aware!  There is definitely less risk outside but please be aware.  The standard for considering who a contact is would be within six feet for more than 15 minutes.  See you this week at our open houses or visit your classroom teachers online by the end of the week.


Patricia L. Buell

Updated Resources

Continuity of Services Plan Rev. 8/2021

State Department of Education
Fall Mitigation Strategies

State Department of Education 
FAQ Vaccinations

Brooklyn Announcement
Early dismissal Monday and Tuesday
 Letter to families
Spanish Letter to families


Continuity of Services Plan Parent Information
Parent Meeting to Discuss Continuity of Services Plan
Spanish Parent Meeting to Discuss Continuity of Services Plan

Thursday, May 27th 4:00PM and 7:00PM  


Another Positive COVID-19 Case
Positive Case 5/21/21
SPANISH: Positive Case 5/21/2021


Parent letters about End of the Year and Budget
Spanish letter about End of the Year
**To Review Documents from the
State Department of Education
regarding the end of the school year use this link**

Budget Information for 2021-22 can be found here.


Parent letters about School Climate Surveys (with links)
Budget Documents
Food Distribution
BES Parent Survey April 2021 (1).pdf
BMS Parent Survey April 2021 (1).pdf


Another Positive COVID-19 Case
Positive Case 3/28/21
SPANISH: Positive Case 3/28/2021


Schedule Changes and Travel Advisory

Letter 3/25/2021
SPANISH Letter 3/25/2021


New COVID-19 Case

Please continue to follow mitigation strategies.  We now have six people who have tested positive over the last six days.  Five who are in our schools and one who is part of our distance learning community.  Please continue to remain diligent and be safe! 

 Quarantine Bus 7
 Spanish Bus 7 Quarantine


Two New COVID-19 Cases

COVID-19 Cases 3/11/2021
SPANISH COVID-19 Cases 3/11/2021


School Update 2/25/2021

Change to In-Person Learning 3/8/21
Change to In-Person Learning 3/8/21,Spanish


School Update 2/24/2021

Update to Families
Update to Families/Spanish


COVID-19 Update 2/4/2021

COVID Update
COVID Update/Spanish

COVID-19 Update 1/24/2021

COVID Update
COVID Update/Spanish


COVID-19 Update 1/15/2021

COVID Update
COVID Update/Spanish


COVID-19 Update 1/13/2021

 COVID Update
COVID Update/Spanish


COVID-19 Update 1/8/2021

 Two New Cases and Ten Contacts
Two New Cases and Ten Contacts/Spanish

COVID-19 Update 1/7/2021

New Cases and Contacts
New Cases and Contacts/Spanish


COVID-19 Update 1/6/2021

COVID-19 Numbers
COVID-19 Numbers/Spanish


January Hybrid Plan 2021

January Reminder
January Reminder/Spanish


December 22, 2020
Final message of 2020
 December 22, 2020 Update
 December 22, 2020 Update, Spanish

January Hybrid Plan 2021

 January Hybrid Plan
January Hybrid Plan/Spanish


Update about Brooklyn Learning Plans
Distance learning until 12/11/2020
New hybrid model begins 12/14/2020
Updated Learning Plan Information 12_4_2020.pdf
Proposed Hybrid for Brooklyn Public Schools 12_4_2020.pdf
Translated copy of Updated Learning Plan Information 12_4_2020.pdf
Translated copy of Proposed Hybrid for Brooklyn Public Schools 12_4_2020.pdf


Brooklyn Schools Distance Learning Plan
Revised 11/23/20
Notice To Pivot to Distance Learning
BPS Distance Learning Plan
Updated Letter to Families
Spanish Updated Letter to Families


November 18 - Letter to Parents
Updated Letter to Families
Spanish Updated Letter to Families 


November 14 - Letter to Parents
Letter to Families about COVID-19 Case
Spanish Letter to Families COVID Case in the Brooklyn School 

November 13 - Letter to Parents
Notice of Positive COVID-19 Case
Spanish Letter to Families Positive COVID-19 Case


November 11 - Letter to Parents
Notice of Positive COVID-19 Case
Spanish Letter to Families Positive COVID-19 Case


October 16 - Letter to Parents
Letter to families October 16, 2020
Spanish Letter to families - October 16, 2020
COVID Decision Making Web


October 5 - Letter to Parents
Letter to families October 5, 2020.pdf


Sept. 24 - Letter to Parents
Letter to Families September 24, 2020 PDF
Translated copy of Letter to Families September 24, 2020 PDF
Chromebook Insurance Policy PDF
Translated copy of Chromebook Insurance Policy PDF


Sept. 18 - Letter to Parents
 Brooklyn Public Schools' Reopening Update
 Survey Link


Aug. 17 update - Hybrid Start Documents
Brooklyn Public Schools Reopening Update.pdf
Actualización de reapertura de las escuelas públicas de Brooklyn.pdf
Middle School Drop Off and Pick Up - Hybrid.pdf


Fall 2020 - Hybrid Start Documents

2020-2021 School Calendar.pdf
Reopening Letter to Families.pdf
Carta a las familias.pdf
Hybrid Model Notice.pdf


Letter to Parents August 2, 2020
Letter to Families August 2, 2020.pdf
Spanish Letter to Families August 2, 2020.pdf


Covid video pict
Covid Symptoms Announcement
School Nurses

July 2020


Draft - Brooklyn Schools Reopening Plan
July 2020
Draft Brooklyn Schools Reopening Plan

BOE 2020-2021 Budget - 05-26-2020
BOE Budget - One page Summary.pdf
BOE Budget 2020-2021 - Complete Workbook.pdf


Brooklyn Distance Learning Handbook
Brooklyn's Distance Learning Handbook.pdf


School safety is important!  Please help us!

Please remember to bring photo identification to enter the building!

Please read the notice below to learn what we are doing to
keep your children and our students safe!

School Safety Notice (2).pdf
Translated copy of School Safety Notice-Spanish (4).pdf

Thank you for your help!