No School November 5, 2019
Voting will occur at Brooklyn Middle School.  
View the: sampleballotnov2019.pdf

Please review and provide feedback on the Draft 2020-2021 Brooklyn Calendar.

Please provide feedback to:
Feedback will be shared at the Board of Education Meeting on Tuesday, November 26, 2019.

 Press Release:

Town of Brooklyn, CT to Issue a Request for Proposals 

for Solar Photovoltaics on School Buildings


RFP seeks bids for design/build of solar photovoltaic generation systems on two school facilities in Town.


Brooklyn, CT – October 29, 2019 The Town of Brooklyn, CT, Board of Education (“Brooklyn BOE”) will be seeking bids from solar development companies (“Proposer”) to design and build rooftop solar photovoltaic systems at the Brooklyn BOE’s Elementary School (State Project No. 019-0031 PV) and Middle School (State Project No. 019-0032 PV). The Brooklyn BOE has secured 249 kW-AC medium ZRECs with a delivery term start date of April 1, 2020 for each school. CSW Energy (“CSW”) is the Project Manager supporting the Brooklyn BOE on this RFP.
Brooklyn - Solar Press Release.pdf


Proud of our Brooklyn Students!


New Traffic Pattern at Brooklyn Public Schools

Morning and Afternoon Drop Off/Pick Up

Mid-day Preschool Pick Up/Drop Off

I am asking that parents wait until 15 minutes before the scheduled drop off or pick up time before lining up at the school.  We want to be sure our school grounds are safe and that we follow the emissions laws.  Some parents arrive an hour before dismissal time.  This is a long time to have someone outside of the building sitting in a car and a long time for car emissions to be exhausted into the air.  
Please follow the guidelines below.

Morning Drop Off: Line up 8:15, Drop Off 8:30-8:45 
Morning PreK Pick Up: Line up 11:25, Pick Up 11:40-11:50 
Afternoon PreK Drop Off: Line up 12:00, Pick Up 12:15-12:25 
Morning PreK Pick Up:  Line up 11:25, Pick Up 11:40-11:50
Afternoon Pick Up:  Line up 3:00, Pick Up 3:15

Thank you for your cooperation!

SEPTEMBER 10, 2019
Revised 2019-20 School Calendar

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2019-20 Budget Planning

The budget planning has begun!  Please watch for budget information!

Budget Documents
1.  Budget Priorities Presentation: BES, BMS, Special Education
2.  Board of Education Approved 2019-20 School Budget
Brooklyn Public Schools Capital Improvement Requests 2019-20
4.  Spanish Comparison - Both Description and minutes of instruction .pdf

Budget Questions?  Email me!
If you have questions please use the link above to email them or email 

Budget Questions and Answers:
I will keep a running list of questions and answers!

Question 1.  What happens at a budget workshop?  
Budget workshops are open meetings that anyone can attend.  The public can ask questions for the Board of Education to consider as they determine what their budget priorities are for the next school year!  

Question 2.  What at the dates of the budget workshops?
All Budget Workshop meetings are at the Board of Education Community Room.
Dates are:
January 23, 2019 5:30-6:30PM
February 6, 2019 5:30-6:30PM
February 27, 2019 5:30-6:30PM

Once the Board of Education decides on a budget that they will forward to the Board of Finance and the Town for approval they will no longer hold budget workshops.

Question 3.  What exactly does it mean for 7th graders – what is content reading rotation by quarter and how is that different than the grade 8 reading full year?  What does this look like and what is the purpose in 7th grade for the change?
See click this link regarding changes to Spanish for 2019-20

Question 4: What meeting is next and should I attend?  The next meeting where the budget will be discussed is on
Board of Finance Meetings: they will discuss capital improvement requests, budgets and revenue.  The meeting is May 7th, and May 15th at 7:00PM at the Clifford Green Building.
Town Budget Hearing May 14th, 7:00PM at Brooklyn Middle School.  This is a Budget Hearing.  You will hear about the municipal and school budgets and can ask questions.  The Board of Finance and Board of Selectmen will want to hear from the community to see if there are questions, concerns or support for what is being presented.  This is an important meeting to attend.  Final decisions about what might be sent to the town for a vote will be determined based on feedback from you, the residents and tax payers of Brooklyn.

Town Meeting, June 3rd, 7:00PM at Brooklyn Middle School!  This is the date you will vote for or against the budget!  Your vote is important!  

Please feel free to submit your questions to be answered here!  


Approved 2019-20 School Calendar


 Ask your child about:

Start with Hello
Learn more about this at:

Start with Hello.pdf

School safety is important!  Please help us!

Please remember to bring photo identification to enter the building!


Please read the notice below to learn what we are doing to
keep your children and our students safe!

School Safety Notice (2).pdf
Translated copy of School Safety Notice-Spanish (4).pdf

Thank you for your help!